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Sprung from the passion for entertainment, Seriale Online (TvPug.com) is one of the places where you can find the latest episodes and watch online your favorite TV Shows… My goal is to bring you entertainment daily, no matter the language you speak, where are you located, or what kind of Tv Shows you like.

This site is Free to use, has always been free and will always be free. Free of monthly subscriptions, free of ads, free of annoying pop-ups plain and simple FREE. This much freedom however comes at a price : hosting bills, file servers, hard-drives, internet bills and many many more…

The only thing that keep the Pug alive are your kind donations.

Keep one thing in mind, 1$ might not mean much to you; you might even think that it doesn’t even help me at all, so why going thru all the trouble of donating it ?
Well let’s say that 100 people think the same way you do… so “your dollar”, in essence, could be the difference between me being able to host another show on a brand new hard-drive or not.

Here are the Top benefactors (pay-pal donors)

Liz from Canada – 10 USD

I really like the quality of the episodes I’m watching at TvPug.com. It takes a long time to load up but I just get it going, wander off and do other stuff, and when I’m ready to watch I can watch and enjoy. Thanks for TvPug.com!

Ioana – 10 USD

Idelisse – 3 USD
Marisa – 2 USD
Adriana – 1 USD
Elizabeth – 5 USD
Traci – 1 USD
Liang – 2 USD
Aric – 2 USD
Jerome – 2 USD
Ioana – 10 USD
Aric – 1 USD
Dariya – 5 USD
Marcin – 1 USD
Gwyn – 1 USD
Ruth – 1 USD
Adam – 1 USD
Aric – 1 USD
Robert – 5 USD
Aric – 1 USD
Ami – 1 USD
William – 5 USD
William – 1 USD
Dan – 50 USD Michigan Home Inspector
Joseph – 1 USD
Heather Morris – 5 USD
Randi McGhee – 1 USD
PREYA CHAUHAN – 22 USD (thank you !)

Thank You kindly !