Fringe Season 2 Episode 1 – A New Day in the Old Town

Watch Fringe Season 2 Episode 1 – A New Day in the Old Town Online

Olivia’s SUV is discovered to have caused a car accident in downtown Manhattan. After the crash, the other car driver involved runs away and kills a civilian, then takes his form, revealing him to be an extra-universal shapeshifter. FBI agents, led by Agent Amy Jessup, arrive at the crash site, only to find Olivia’s car empty. Walter, after tampering with the car’s equipment, manages to bring Olivia back to “our world,” however severely injured and brain-dead. Amy Jessup, new to the world of Fringe Division, is stunned by seeing this and searches for more information on what they do. Meanwhile, Philip Broyles travels to Washington, D.C., in order to present the US Senate with reasons not to shut down his FBI division. However, he is informed that Fringe Division will be officially terminated. Outside the US Senate building, Nina Sharp states that Fringe division must continue, but Massive Dynamic can’t help. Then they share a kiss. The doctors are about to pull the plug on Olivia when Peter whispers to her and she wakes up, spouting something in another language. The shapeshifter receives orders from another dimension to question Olivia and then kill her. He questions Olivia in the form of her nurse. When Olivia tells him that she can’t remember anything, the Shapeshifter begins to choke her, only to be stopped by the sudden arrival of Amy Jessup and the FBI, forcing him to flee to the hospital’s basement. The Shapeshifter is then found and killed by Charlie Francis. Peter gives the transformation device to Broyles, in order to show it to the Senate and convince them that Fringe Division must remain operational. Later, while Walter, Astrid and the others are celebrating Peter’s birthday, we discover that the real Charlie Francis is dead and the shapeshifter is now disguised as Charlie.