Watch Ghost Whisperer Online

Watch Ghost Whisperer Online

Ghost Whisperer is an American supernatural show, that follows the life of Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt), who has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. While trying to live as normal a life as possible, Melinda helps them cross over into the light to the other side by working as an owner of an antique store, sometimes dealing with people who push her away, and disbelieve her ability.
She is the owner of an antique shop called “Same as it Never Was”. Ghosts seek Melinda’s help in relaying a message or completing a task that will put the spirit to rest, and allow them to cross over into The Light, which is possibly heaven. Those who died with unfinished business become earth-bound and can not cross over, and Melinda helps them as their earthly representative to find peace. The show does not see the ghosts as having sinned or not; rather it is the spirits’ own guilt that condemns them, and their own fear of judgement that keeps them from going to heaven.

Season 1

Episode 1 Pilot
Episode 2 The Crossing
Episode 3 Ghost, Interrupted
Episode 4 Mended Hearts
Episode 5 Lost Boys
Episode 6 Homecoming
Episode 7 Hope and Mercy
Episode 8 On the Wings of a Dove
Episode 9 Voices
Episode 10 Ghost Bride
Episode 11 Shadow Boxer
Episode 12 Undead Comic
Episode 13 Friendly Neighborhood Ghost
Episode 14 Last Execution
Episode 15 Melinda’s First Ghost
Episode 16 Dead Man’s Ridge
Episode 17 Demon Child
Episode 18 Miss Fortune
Episode 19 Fury
Episode 20 The Vanishing
Episode 21 Free Fall
Episode 22 The One

Season 2

Episode 1 Love Never Dies
Episode 2 Love Still Won’t Die
Episode 3 Drowned Lives
Episode 4 The Ghost Within
Episode 5 A Grave Matter
Episode 6 The Woman of His Dreams
Episode 7 A Vicious Cycle
Episode 8 The Night We Met
Episode 9 The Curse of the Ninth
Episode 10 Giving Up the Ghost
Episode 11 Cat’s Claw
Episode 12 Dead to Rights
Episode 13 Deja Boo
Episode 14 Speed Demon
Episode 15 Mean Ghost
Episode 16 The Cradle Will Rock
Episode 17 The Walk-in
Episode 18 Children of Ghosts
Episode 19 Delia’s First Ghost
Episode 20 The Collector
Episode 21 The Prophet
Episode 22 The Gathering

Season 3

Episode 1 The Underneath
Episode 2 Don’t Try This at Home
Episode 3 Haunted Hero
Episode 4 No Safe Place
Episode 5 Weight of What Was
Episode 6 Double Exposure
Episode 7 Unhappy Medium
Episode 8 Bad Blood
Episode 9 All Ghosts Lead to Grandview
Episode 10 Holiday Spirit
Episode 11 Slam
Episode 12 First Do No Harm
Episode 13 Home But Not Alone
Episode 14 The Gravesitter
Episode 15 Horror Show
Episode 16 Deadbeat Dads
Episode 17 Stranglehold
Episode 18 Pater Familias

Season 4

Episode 1 Firestarter
Episode 2 Big Chills
Episode 3 Ghost in the Machine
Episode 4 Save Our Souls
Episode 5 Bloodline
Episode 6 Imaginary Friends and Enemies
Episode 7 Threshold
Episode 8 Heart & Soul
Episode 9 Pieces of You
Episode 10 Ball & Chain
Episode 11 Life on the Line
Episode 12 This Joint’s Haunted
Episode 13 Body of Water
Episode 14 Slow Burn
Episode 15 Greek Tragedy
Episode 16 Ghost Busted
Episode 17 Delusions of Grandview
Episode 18 Leap of Faith
Episode 19 Thrilled to Death
Episode 20 Stage Fright
Episode 21 Cursed
Episode 22 Endless Love
Episode 23 The Book of Changes

Season 5

Episode 1 Birthday Presence
Episode 2 See No Evil
Episode 3 Till Death Do Us Start
Episode 4 Do Over
Episode 5 Cause for Alarm
Episode 6 Head Over Heels
Episode 7 Devil’s Bargain
Episode 8 Dead Listing
Episode 9 Lost in the Shadows
Episode 10 Excessive Forces
Episode 11 Dead Air
Episode 12 Blessings in Disguise
Episode 13 Living Nightmare
Episode 14 Dead to Me
Episode 15 Implosion
Episode 16 Old Sins Cast Long Shadows
Episode 17 On Thin Ice
Episode 18 Dead Eye
Episode 19 Lethal Combination
Episode 20 Blood Money
Episode 21 Dead Ringer
Episode 22 The Children’s Parade

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