Watch The Gates Online

Watch The Gates Online

The Gates is an American supernatural crime drama television series which premiered on ABC on June 20, 2010.

The Tv Show “The Gates” is the latest entry in the vampire craze that has overtaken the visual media in recent years, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it brings nothing new to the table.

It’s fitting that the show is set within the confines of a gated community, a society completely sheltered from the problems of the real world where private sector police monitor every street corner and every backyard with 24/7 surveillance, kids are schlepped off to exclusive schools, and nobody comes and goes without passing through the massive, wrought-iron gates. And while this slice of manufactured paradise seems like picture perfection, there’s more than one dark secret lurking in the shadows.

Season 1

1. Episode 1 Pilot
2. Episode 2 What Lies Beneath
3. Episode 3 Breach
4. Episode 4 The Monster Within
5. Episode 5 Repercussions
6. Episode 6 Jurisdiction
7. Episode 7 Digging the Dirt
8. Episode 8 Dog Eat Dog
9. Episode 9 Identity Crisis
10. Episode 10 Little Girl Lost
11. Episode 11 Surfacing
12. Episode 12 Bad Moon Rising
13. Episode 13 Moving Day

9 Responses to “Watch The Gates Online”

  1. Lila Anthony says:

    When will Episode 6 Jurisdiction be available to watch on here?

  2. 2hollabackgirl says:

    This picture is very good. It has a feeling or rather say a mixer of desperate housewives and vampires diaries.Awesome!!!! I give it a 4/5.

  3. caylin says:

    when are you gona update the next episodes of the gates?

  4. 89a says:

    89a :
    How ofen is the epesodes coming out?
    Like for an example: 14, 15 & 16 and so on.

  5. 1989 says:

    okey, sounds nice. Hope it’ll be soon. :)

  6. Westphalia says:

    Hey can anyone tell when the next season is coming out?

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