Watch The Vampire Diaries Online

Watch The Vampire Diaries Online

The Vampire Diaries is an supernatural–fantasy horror tv show created by Kevin Williamson. The show is based on the book of the same name by L. J. Smith.
The show follows the life of Elena Gilbert , who falls in love with vampire Stefan Salvatore , and soon finds herself caught in a love triangle between Stefan and his older brother, Damon , while the brothers are also being haunted by the past they’ve had with Katherine Pierce .

The show also focuses on the lives of Elena’s friends and other inhabitants of the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia.
Mystic falls becomes the target town for vampires with the return of Stefan & Damon Salvatore. Stefan, the controlled brother who’s focused on his humanity, enrolls at high school attempting a
normal life whereas his brother Damon, the dashing, gorgeous, irresistible and dangerous brother makes Stefan’s life a misery while trying to steal his girlfriend, Elena, along the way. With the confusing emotions, deceiving acts and hidden talents, comes a deep history from 1864 that Damon is determined to overcome by rescuing the Salvatore brothers’ old love, Katherine, with the help of Elena’s witch friend.

The series started on September 10, 2009 and it was premierd on The CW Television Network.

Althou the show initially received average reviews, the critics agreed that the series improved over the course of the season; the second season premiered to generally favorable reviews.

Season 1

1. Episode 1 Pilot
2. Episode 2 The Night of the Comet
3. Episode 3 Friday Night Bites
4. Episode 4 Family Ties
5. Episode 5 You’re Undead to Me
6. Episode 6 Lost Girls
7. Episode 7 Haunted
8. Episode 8 Candles
9. Episode 9 History Repeating
10. Episode 10 The Turning Point
11. Episode 11 Bloodlines
12. Episode 12 Unpleasantville
13. Episode 13 Children of the Damned
14. Episode 14 Fool Me Once
15. Episode 15 A Few Good Men
16. Episode 16 There Goes the Neighborhood
17. Episode 17 Let the Right One In
18. Episode 18 Under Control
19. Episode 19 Miss Mystic Falls
20. Episode 20 Blood Brothers
21. Episode 21 Isobel
22. Episode 22 Founder’s Day

Season 2

1. Episode 1 The Return
2. Episode 2 Brave New World
3. Episode 3 Bad Moon Rising
4. Episode 4 Memory Lane
5. Episode 5 Kill or Be Killed
6. Episode 6 Plan B
7. Episode 7 Masquerade
8. Episode 8 Rose
9. Episode 9 Katerina
10. Episode 10 The Sacrifice
11. Episode 11 By the Light of the Moon
12. Episode 12 The Descent
13. Episode 13 Daddy Issues
14. Episode 14 Crying
15. Episode 15 The Dinner Party
16. Episode 16 The House Guest
17. Episode 17 Know Thy Enemy
18. Episode 18 The Last Dance
19. Episode 19 Klaus
20. Episode 20 The Last Day
21. Episode 21 The Sun Also Rises
22. Episode 22 As I Lay Dying

Season 3
1. Episode 1 The Birthday
2. Episode 2 The Hybrid
3. Episode 3 The End of the Affair
4. Episode 4 Disturbing Behavior
5. Episode 5 The Reckoning
6. Episode 6 Smells Like Teen Spirit
7. Episode 7 Ghost World
8. Episode 8 Ordinary People
9. Episode 9 Homecoming
10. Episode 10 Witch House
11. isode 11 Our Town

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  1. criss623 says:

    season 2 only 4 episodes? great site btw.

  2. alexis says:

    i just adore this site. i was waiting for episode 5 i was looking for it last night!!! hope u`ll put the other ones fast cause i`m inlove with this tv show..!

  3. mario says:

    hei admin:D…how’s it going? … you see I was right, Vampire Diaries will be seen here .. thx again .. .. you’re a good friend and a great admin

  4. georgia says:

    love the site! but please add episode 6…

  5. anon says:

    episode 6 please, love u tho

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    man i have a sugestion for you…please add the SUPERNATURAL serial…please,fan will love it!..i wait a answer..thx man please consier it

  7. SILVY says:

    but 6 episode where is? please i need episode 6 ..thx

  8. mario says:

    it’s almost 22 oct…and where ease the E/6..S/2…?? please do something!

  9. Raiana says:

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN WILL ‘PLAN B’ BE AVALIBLE!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? >.<

  10. mario says:

    when will air the (02xo7) of The Vampire Diaries…?

  11. raluca says:

    admin you are great!!!!!!
    i love this show and beacause of you i can see it.
    thanks. and again you are great

  12. Raiana says:

    next episode: The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 7 – Masquerade

  13. Diana says:

    i think it’s only an episode/week
    next will be on 4th november

  14. ili says:

    i would realy like to know when it’s aired in usa, because this serial is the best i’ve ever seen.i’ve read on the internet that episode 10 season 2 wiil be aired on 2 december…why so late…cause’ i understood that vampire diaries is aired in usa once a week thursday. can anybody tell me the rule ? please…i mean this serial is so great and i realy want to see it.please if somebody can tell me what i asked …thank you ooo…i almost forgot…you have a great site here

  15. Diana says:

    next episode : The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 10 – The Sacrifice

  16. Diva :x:x:x says:

    when is episode 10 gonna air?

  17. Raiana says:

    omg i wanna watch it sooo badly.

  18. silvibest says:

    episode 10 is going to air in 2 Dec beacuse they are on break

  19. Poison Girl says:

    It’s a decent show,considering the teenage melodrama and all those cliches, but if you’ll like vampaires shows you should watch True Blod. There’s nothing cooler and breath taking than that :)

  20. Poison Girl says:

    oh, and a question for the admin : Why don’t you air The Bing Bang Theory? It’s such a good sitcom. thank you

  21. Diana says:

    OH. watch supernatural 😡

  22. Dan says:

    hey can you tell me what time you normally put the episodes up? and in which timezone you live in? i live in the UK so depending on where you are, i get them at like, 6-10 hours later, just want to be able to figure it out 😛

  23. Sonia says:

    It’s already 3rd of December and episode 10 still hasn’t aired. What’s happening?

  24. Samziii says:

    vampire diaries is actually gettin scarey looool :L

  25. luiza says:

    when is episode 11 comming?:D:D

  26. andreeacrissy says:

    friday 😀

  27. Raiana says:

    oh come on post episode 11 today!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! >.<

  28. Raiana says:

    I MEAN…. EPISODE 12!!!!!!!… LOL

  29. Raiana says:

    nvm… -.-

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    we are still waiting for episode 12…pliiiiiiiiiiz :))

  31. luiza says:

    we shure do…when is coming??:|:D

  32. andreeacriss says:

    27 january

  33. biutza says:

    Episode 12 appears in the January 27

  34. roxyroxy says:

    10 more days :)

  35. Oana says:

    6 mooorrreeee days

  36. Raluca says:

    why there are no more new episodes????

  37. adri says:

    Următorul episod este difuzat abia pe 7 aprilie

  38. adri says:

    next episode on april the 7th

  39. andreeacriss says:

    this big breaks between episodes are so annoying

  40. anonim says:

    please , as soon as episode 17 season 2 is aired please put it on the site, doesanybody know from where i can download the episodes in mpeg format/?

  41. Ashleyena says:

    @Poison Girl
    Actually i think true blood over does it a bit. Shap shifters, wolfs, vampries, fairys. I mean dont get me wrong i like the show, but they wayyy over did it.

  42. Ashleyena says:

    Majorly agreed!!

  43. lalalalalalalala says:

    when did it air i didnt c it

  44. Ioana Maria says:

    i can’t see any episode… it says “video not found”
    a little help please?
    thank you

  45. Casey says:

    Season 2 ep 20,21&22 ??

  46. maddy says:

    i’m waiting 4 ep 20 & 21….what’s the problem??

  47. emma says:

    EPISODE 21 SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. roxyroxy says:

    is there a season 3?

  49. Andreea says:

    episode 22 ???????????? pleaseee

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    Today is 13th, where is episode 22? :((

  51. Jimmie says:

    Well it would be nice to see episode 22 of season 2. Status= Waiting

  52. simona says:

    will there be a 3th season?? :( i’m still waiting

  53. MyTz[S]z@ says:

    admin season 3 plss i’m waiting…!

  54. Charles says:

    Dear Admin,

    I appreciate your work and keep it up i do relay enjoy this site…

    i,m looking forth to the Episode 4 of Vampire Diaries Please get it Soon i,m Nervous

    • Latest Updates says:

      I’m really sorry ! I had a ton of work to do these past couple of days. Everything should be up and running now !
      Cheers !

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